Monday, March 26, 2012

GF Pull Pork Sandwiches with Crisp Asparagus Sticks

Wow its March already!!! Its 85 degrees outside, I do believe we skipped over Winter here in Texas.  How is everyone's cooking going?  My children were on Spring Break a couple of weeks ago and we went camping. We had a great time but as you know it required plenty of planning. I packed a big ice chest full of veggies kits, frozen GF sausages (different kinds), my electric skillet and plenty of campfire snacks. We had a blast!!  One meal, I wish I would have thought of prior to camping, I actually made tonight. Its Gluten Free Pulled pork sandwiches using Stubbs GF Sweet Hickory barbecue sauce. For Veggies tonight, I made some flash broiled Asparagus.  Yummy!

I used Udi's buns-toasted, Stubbs Barbecue Sauce, Costco's GF, Nitrate free Hickory smoked pulled pork and fresh asparagus!  Yummy!