How to Get Started


From the first two books (Prescription for Natural Healing 5th Ed & Healing the New Childhood Epidemics), I developed the customized diet for Hannah. It is strict but there are plenty of foods out there. I shop at Whole foods and Sprouts. Underneath the list, I am posting the brands that we use that our kids really like. We have seen Hannah off and on the diet. Its a night and day difference. A book that is very helpful in succeeding is the GF/CF Shopping Guide (

Here it is below: What you CAN Have!

Gluten/Dairy/Nut/Egg Free diet (Rule of thumb, if its as close to natural as possible, than you have a better chance of it falling into this diet)
What we can eat:
-100% Organic Chicken or Turkey (No Steroids,Antibiotics, or Hormone injections) Label should say 100% organic, hormonefree, steroid free
-Fresh Seafood (Salmon,Tilapia, Bass, Halibut, Sole, Trout, a white fish)
-Non processed, Gluten free lunch meat: BOARS HEAD is the only one I have found like this
-Fresh or Frozen vegetables (no corn)
-Pure Spices, & Herbs,
-Basmati, Jasmine or BrownRice,
-sorghum tapioca, fresh fruitPineapple, mangos, pears, pomegranates, passion fruit, star fruit, watermelon,cantaloupes, grapes, strawberries, nectarines (see list below for exclusions)
-Cooking oil (olive,vegetable) potatoes
-Gluten Free Flours, Pancakemix, brownie mix (Bob Red Mills)
-Rice Milk, Almond milk, soymilk
-eggs as an ingredient only
-Sugar in the Raw or OrganicSugar (Non-Refined) (NO artifical or processed sugars (white, aspartame, splenda, etc)
(At the top of my fridge, I have a Canister for GF All purpose flour, GF Oatmeal, GF Pancake Mix, and Organic Sugar- so I can have it handy for baking or cooking.) I simply replaced the old stuff.
I also donated all of my gluten items in my pantry so I wouldnt feel tempted to cheat out of convenience. After all I was doing this for my families overall health.

What you CAN NOT eat: Egg/Nut/Gluten/Casein (Dairy) Free NO-NO list
-Milk directly or as an ingredient
-Barley, Batter, vinegar, oats,pasta, beer, bread, rye, bread crumbs, breaded products, wheat, cereal, wheatflour (Unless specifically labeled gluten free)
-Hidden Gluten-Boullion cubes, saladdressings, broth, sauces, gravies, soups. READ THE LABEL FOR GLUTEN FREE.
-Refined Sugar (Simple Carbs) and products containing it or Processed sugars
-Junk food and foods containing artificial colors, flavorings, MSG, yeast, preservatives; processed andmanufactured foods.
-Any Foods with Salicylates. Foods naturally containing salicylates are: almonds, apples, apricots, all berries,cherries, cucumbers, currants, oranges, peaches, peppers, plums, prunes and tomatoes.
(We do bend on the tomatoes (Gluten free spagetti sauces or GF Barbque sauce))
-No Orange juice, Apple juice
-No artificial sweeteners or white processed sugar
-AppleCider Vinegar, bacon, candy, ketchup, chocolate, cheese, chili sauce, corn,ham, hot dogs, luncheon meat, margarine, meat loaf, milk, mustard, pork,salami, salt, sausages, soy sauce, tea and wheat.
(We bend on the non-processed turkey or chicken hotdogs (Applegate) and lunch meat (Boars Head))
-Do NOT use antacid tablets, coughdrops, perfume, throat lozenges, or commercial toothpastes.
-Carbonated beverages (containPhosphate Additives)
Do Not Cook food in the same oil with other cooked gluten items.