Monday, November 11, 2013

Gluten Free/Dairy Free Pizza

Hello Friends,

I recently responded to a request for my quick pizza recipe.  Here it is:

What You Need:

Kinnikinnick Gluten Free Personal Size Pizza Crust  (Comes with a Pack of 4) Great for Thick Crust! GF Marinara Sauce- (Ragu, Costco store brand work)Daiya Chedder and Mozzarella ShredsLiteHouse Spices  (whichever you like on your pizza- I use Oregano, Basil)1/2 of  Diced Zucchini1  Bell pepper Hormel Gluten Free Natural Choice Turkey Sausage.  (Only used 1/2 a sausage for 5 pizzas)

We first start with the attached Pizza crust. You can get it at Sprouts, Whole foods or Krogers. I think Market street may have it as well. We really like the because we like the thicker crust pizzas. I will then add a jar of GF Marianara sauce. You can use Ragu or Costco bran. We also like Sweet Barbque pizza (Great sauces are the Honey Pecan by Stubbs or the Honey Sweet by Rufus Teague). But keep it simple for your first. 

I have my side of diced veggies: squash, zuchinni, bell peppers, mushrooms. I also add Gluten free chicken sausage from Sprouts or if you like pepperoni, grilled chicken, turkey sausage...Whatever toppings you like. I also season the pizza with oregano, Season All and basil.   I use LiteHouse Freeze Dried Spices as its had no additives, its just the pure spice. The pizza packs come in fours. So I usually spread the four out on to a large baking sheet or baking stone. Sometimes I put it directly on the oven shelves for the crispyness. Anyhoo, so spread the marinara sauce, then toppings, maybe a little more sauce then add your cheese. If you are going the dairy free route, use Daiya Cheddar Shredds. If you like dairy, then grab a few combos of shredded cheeses to sprinkle on to the pizza. I mix the cheddar and the Mozzarella . Stick it in the oven on 375 for about 25-30 mins. My kids and hubby love it.

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